Cat Cafés All the Rage


It had to come sooner or later. After dog beer, it was only a matter of time before the first cat cafes began to open in Flanders. From Japan, via the US, France and Germany, reports De Morgen, it has blown across to our country: het kattencafé – the cat cafe.

Belgium’s first cat cafe opened in Brussels 18 months ago. Now there are plans to open one in Ghent called DreamCATchers. In this coffee house, you can sip your mug of coffee in the company of eight kittens.

DreamCATchers is the dream of Lana Bauwens and Evelyne Vandenberghe, two young women who have taken pity on cats all their life, and have also visited a good number of cat cafes in New York, London and Amsterdam.

The inspiration comes originally from Japan, where at least 80 cat cafes have opened over the past 10 years