Help Wanted

The summer has arrived and we are well aware of it here in Southwestern Ontario and in Michigan as temperatures are in the 30’s Celsius and in the 80’s Fahrenheit but that’s OK with us as we have been waiting for it for a long time.

I hope that it means travel for you, visits with people and friends and relatives you have not seen for a long time and many other activities that include loved ones.

It also is a time to take stock as we at the Gazette van Detroit are celebrating our anniversary this month. It is our 102nd year of being published and going into our 103rd year and the changes and advancements continue. As always, with changes, not everything you do or change works 100% on day one and sometimes even on day two you can have problems. Seeing that, we need to find someone to help with the editing of the Flemish portion of the Gazette and actually we have been looking for someone to help with Carine and the whole editing function of the Gazette each month so we cannot be too hasty in what we do. The process to find someone to step into the shoes of Denice in the many functions she does is looking better of late as our new board member, Trudy Cools, in Chicago has been looking in to this with Denise. We hope we can work that out soon as we want to make sure that we do things right and get the person that can handle those things in a proper fashion and that takes a lot of time.

The thing that has become abundantly clear is the fact that the job of finding a good fit is hard when we have few people in the pool to choose from so if you know of someone or are yourself interested, please let us know.

The book, Het Verhaal, that is now in English, has arrived and is available to you here in North America and the sale is on and what a sale it is.

The book sells for $25.00, if you buy five books for the Belgian club you are a member of or if you like to give some as a present, or if you would like to read the rich history of the little gem that Camille Cools put out in 1914 and is still read today, than get on your computer and order them. By the way we will give you a 6th book free if you order five so send in your order by e-mail or in the mail to Gazette van Detroit at 18740 E, Thirteen Mile Rd. in Roseville MI , 48066-1378 US. Please don’t forget the $5.00 for shipping.

In Canada, you can send in your order to me at my e-mail address at the end if my column or by mail to the address mentioned next to my e-mail address. We will take care of your order and again, please don’t forget the $5.00 for shipping.

I want to wish you all a great continuing summer. I hope you enjoy it and that you stay safe.

Thank you, and as always I invite your comments and input so please write to me at or at my address, Mares Insurance Services Inc. at 40, Centre Street, Suite 307 in Chatham, Ontario, N7M 5W3 Canada.