Another Anniversary

Well here we are another year older and I don’t actually mean myself (although that is also the case). I am talking about the Gazette van Detroit. Camille Cools published the very first newspaper on August 13, 1914, and we are still publishing 102 years later: quite an accomplishment. Time certainly marches on…

The paper back then told the sad news of the war that was beginning for the Belgians and eventually drawing in many other nations. Today, we bring to you a paper full of lighter news, news of Belgians and their accomplishments, news reflecting hopefully, the pride we have in our mutual nationality. Take a look through this issue of the Gazette and see what Belgians are doing, what they are accomplishing, where they’ve been and what their past history is.

In Belgium 102 years ago, the start of Belgium’s forced participation in a terrible war began with the invasion of the country by Germany. This led to the Great War or World War I as we now call it which positioned many countries against each other. Now, even though there are still areas of conflict in our world, it is heartening to see the Olympics in Brazil as an effort to bring together the world.

For two weeks in August, the 2016 Summer Olympics are taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nations are cheering for their athletes to excel and individuals are watching with pride on their TVs, computers and even mobile phones! 

I know here at the Acks house, we are cheering not only for our fellow Americans but for the team of my nationality, the Belgians. I am happy to see that the Belgians are experiencing success at the Olympics. At this writing, the Olympics are still underway, however in our front page story, we cover just some of the success of Belgian athletes. No matter what country you are a citizen of, be it the United States, Canada or whatever… we still seem to have ties or feelings for the countries of our nationality, our roots, our ancestry.

It’s that mindset that is the backbone of our vacation this year. Once again we are off to see my family in Belgium at the annual family reunion of around 40-60 individuals. You never know how many will be able to make it, but it’s always a great time to reconnect in person. Yes, we now have Facebook, Skype, email, etc. but it’s wonderful to just see and hug everyone!

The second part of our trip is to Scotland to find more information of my husband’s ancestral lineage. Although it’s been many generations since his family came from Scotland, there still is this connection to the Scottish nationality. We are hoping to do further genealogy research and try to find the ancestral ruins of his family. Looking forward to this adventure!